Welcome to the Entwicklungsgesellschaft Lorsch mbH

Entwicklungsgesellschaft Lorsch mbH is a business development service company owned by the City of Lorsch (Hessen) and to a small percentage by Wirtschaftsförderung Bergstrasse GmbH, an official company responsible for each of the Federal State of Hessen's municipal development services. 

We can help you to buy or sell a business in the Lorsch district, arrange business financing, provide assistance on development management, especially as far as regulatory and legal formalities are concerned, or help you to do business in emerging Lorsch markets.
Companies based in Lorsch benefit from these free services containing the professional know-how of our employees, transmission of direct contact to civil services and further authorities, as well as chaperoning a future company beyond planning and construction  processes.
Furthermore, we regard our company a business partner of local retailers and other Lorsch-based companies, and provide them with our vast offer of business services. The newly added service advancing Lorsch as a conference center further enhances the location's quality.

Promoting and supporting the Lorsch location both from a commercial perspective and as a tourist destination by guarding the city's individual character plays a major role in all activities our company, Entwicklungsgesellschaft Lorsch mbH, is involved in.

If you would like more information about any of the topics mentioned above please contact the Entwicklungsgesellschaft Lorsch mbH.